International Association


The “Armenian Little Singers” (“ALS”) association was established in Yerevan, Armenia in 1992, with the initiative of The World’s Little Singers organization.

Professor Tigran Hekekyan has been the president of the “ALS” association since its founding.


  1. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia
  2. The Society of Cultural relations and collaboration with foreign countries
  3. The Armenian State Committee of Television and Broadcasting
  4. Tigran Hekekyan – the artistic director and the principal conductor of the Armenian Radio and TV Chamber Choir
  5. Rafael Mangasaryan – conductor, professor at the Yerevan State Conservatory (Armenia)
  6. Robert Amirkhanyan – composer, professor at the Yerevan State  Conservatory, Head of the Union of  Armenian musicologists and composers (Armenia)
  7. Robert Petrosyan – composer, conductor of the Folk  Ensemble of the Armenian State Committee of Television and Broadcasting (Armenia)
  8. Alexander Siranosyan – conductor, director of the Roman Conservatory (France)
  9. Sirvard Gazanchyan – composer, vocalist, professor at the Lausanne Conservatory (Switzerland)


  • To develop junior choir singing in Armenia;
  • To organize different events to boost and make more interesting the activity of current choirs;
  • To contribute to the creation of Armenian choirs in RA and in the Diaspora;
  • To motivate junior choir singing by different lessons and workshops;
  • To create conditions for the collaboration of Armenian choirs and conductors with European and international organizations and to contribute to their participation in different activities, events, festivals and workshops;
  • To publish chorals of Armenian authors and CDs in Armenia and in abroad famous record-houses;
  • To hold National Arts festivals, competitions, musical forums;
  • To exchange cultural and professional  information, to establish Armenian National Phonotech (to carry professional, cultural information exchange, to create Armenian national sound-library);
  • To carry out research in the field of children’s vocal and choral arts;
  • To issue audio and video recording productions, to organize its sales in foreign markets.



  • The choir “Little Singers of Armenia”: senior group (age: 11-16, in 1992)
  • The choir “Littlest Singers of Armenia”: junior group  (age: 6-10, in 1994)
  • The vocal and conducting department at the Tchaikovsky High Music School (1994)
  • A branch of “ALS” and Children’s Choir in Los Angeles (USA, 1995)
  • More than 50 choirs in Yerevan city secondary schools (2000-2001)

Vice-president – Elmira Hekekyan

Vice-president – Suren Harutyunyan

Executive director – Tigran Torosyan

Administrative Coordinator – Marine Voskanyan

Public Relations – Armine Martirosyan

Treasurer – Hamest Gabrielyan

Choral Education Director – Irina Hovsepyan

Choirmaster – Manuel Ohanyan

Principal Accompanist – Marine Margaryan

Accompanist – Rima Gevorgyan

Choir’s Administrator – Hasmik Grigoryan

Music Teacher – Nana Torosyan, Knarik Babajanyan

Parent Representative – Nune Movsesyan

Web Development – “Fullopsys” LLCMusic

Librarian – Arpine Haroyan

Graphic Designer – Karen Kojoyan, Liana Abrahamyan


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